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FLLT 2024 Conference Proceedings

“Global Voices in ELT: Embracing Multicultural Perspectives”

The Proceedings of the 8th FLLT Conference, which will be held from June 21st to June 22nd, 2024, will be considered for publication as scholarly articles, research papers, and review articles.

Deadline for Submission: July 22nd, 2024
Submission email: proceedings.fllt2024@litu.tu.ac.th

The manuscript is required to be submitted according to the subsequent guidelines:

  1. Formatting: All submissions must adhere to the APA 7th edition style and use the attached template.
  2. File Naming and Email Subject: When submitting your work, name the file using your last name and the full title of your work. Use the same format for the email subject. For example, if your last name is Smith and your title is “The Impact of Language Learning on Cognitive Development,” your file and email subject should be “Smith_The Impact of Language Learning on Cognitive Development”.
  3. Submission Method: Please email your completed work to proceedings.fllt2024@litu.tu.ac.th from now until July 22nd, 2024.
  4. Confirmation of Receipt: Our proceedings team will confirm receipt of your submission within three business days.
  5. Review Process: Your work will be reviewed, and you will receive feedback from our review team.
  6. Revision and Editing: To ensure the highest quality and clarity of the proceedings, we request that all non-native English speakers submit a proofreading certificate with their final draft. This helps us maintain a consistent standard across all submissions. Native English speakers are encouraged to have their work proofread, although they are not required to submit a certificate.
  7. Final Submission: Submit the final draft of your work along with the editing certificate to proceedings.fllt2024@litu.tu.ac.th by August 30th, 2024.
  8. Compilation and Dissemination (September-October 2024): The proceedings team will compile all the works and prepare them for dissemination. The proceedings will be available on the Language Institute Thammasat University website. Note that while the proceedings will not be indexed in Scopus or other databases, they can be accessed through electronic platforms. Reproduction of your work in other journals is not recommended and is at your own discretion.

Please follow the formatting and details in the FLLT proceedings template. Proceedings papers should be between 4,000 and 6,000 words, all information included (that is, including acknowledgments, personal information, references, and appendix materials). Proceedings papers should use the template provided, adjusting in modest ways as needed.


Important Dates:
Deadline for Submission: July 22nd, 2024
Submission after Revision: August 30th, 2024
Proceedings Publication: September- October 2024
For questions, please contact: proceedings.fllt2024@litu.tu.ac.th

Last Update: June 12th, 2024